Exams in ACE

We have introduced many features that make administering exams with ACE easier and more secure. This document describes how to use ACE to administer exams.

Preparing the exam

  1. Enter the exam questions in the question bank.
  2. On the courses list page, press Add course to create a new course that students will use only for the exam. Set the time that the students will be able to enter the course to the start time of the exam, and check the box that indicates that the course will be used for exams.
  3. Assemble the questions that you wrote into assignments, flagging the assignments as exams.
  4. Under the Enrollment tab, select Create exam IDs. Enter a number slightly greater than the number of students who will be taking the exam. (You can skip this step if you choose to use a course password and proctors will enter the password that allows students to enter the exam course.)
  5. Special situations

Starting the exam

During the exam

  1. ACE includes on the questions list page and the question-solving page a clock that counts down to each student's exam end time, so you do not need to announce how much time is left in the exam.
  2. If any student has technical trouble, you can grant that student an extension on all assignments without having to edit each assignment individually. Press Edit exam features on the assignments list page, click Extensions, enter the length of the extension (in minutes) next to the name of the appropriate student, and submit the change. ACE will overwrite all extensions on individual assignments with the information that you enter this way. You can also use this button to change the due time of all exam assignments for the whole class. A student's extension will take effect after he or she returns to the assignments list page.
  3. If a student "wastes" an attempt because of a technical glitch, you can reset the number of attempts. Press the Grade Book tab, click on the assignment number, click on the name of the student, click alter under the appropriate question, change the number of attempts, and press Alter this record now.

After the exam

  1. If you did not use a course password, press My courses, press the edit icon to the right of the exam course, and disable the course again.
  2. If you chose to tell ACE to omit calculated products from feedback to responses to synthesis questions, press My courses, press the edit icon to the right of the exam course, and uncheck the box next to "Hide calculated synthesis products?" When you save the changes, ACE will allow all students registered in this course to see the calculated synthesis products again.
  3. Press the Grade Book tab. If you see a student named ZZZRandomStudent who has submitted responses to the exam, it means that a student who took the exam failed to press My profile and enter his or her correct name and student ID number. The first name of ZZZRandomStudent is the login ID of that student, so you can find the student's name either by finding the slip of paper that you collected after the exam that bears that random login ID, or from your list assigning login IDs to students. The absence of the correct name and student ID number makes transferring the student's work from the random login ID to the regular login ID a little more cumbersome, but you can still do it. Nevertheless, you may want to login under the random login ID and change the student's name and student ID number yourself, or you may want to email the student and request that she do it herself.
  4. Click on the number of any assignment that shows ??? for ungraded questions.
  5. You can comment on any student's response to a question. In the gradebook for the assignment containing the question, click on the student's name, and click the alter link under the appropriate question. Enter your comment in the text box, and press Alter this record now. ACE will append your comment to the response feedback on the student's problem-solving page and will also display it if the student looks at his or her last response in the gradebook.
  6. If you have used exam IDs, then, under the Enrollment tab, choose Transfer exam work. Choose the regular course in which the students are enrolled with their regular login IDs and passwords, and choose whether you want ACE to use names, student ID numbers, or both to match enrollees in the exam course to enrollees in the regular ACE course. ACE will match as many students as it can, and, if you approve of the matches, it will then transfer the students' work from their random login IDs to their regular login IDs. If any random login IDs remain unmatched, for example because of typographical errors, ACE will allow you to match them up manually. ACE will also ask your permission to delete any unused random login IDs.
  7. Export the grades as a spreadsheet.
  8. Press My courses, press the edit icon to the right of the exam course, and enable the course again (or delete the course password). Students will now be able to log in with their usual login IDs and see their exam results.

Miscellaneous comments