ACE Maxima tester

Enter an expression for Maxima to evaluate.

Visit this page for a quick tutorial, or this page for a complete manual, with special attention to Chapter 10.
  • Use %e for e and %pi for π.
  • Maxima does not understand implicit multiplication; the * sign must always be included.
  • Note that log(x) is ln(x); for log10(x), use log(x)/log(10).
  • If you enter an expression with integers (e.g., 2/6 or log(100)) or irrational constants (e.g., %e or %pi), Maxima will reduce the expression only so far as it can express the result in integers. Either enter all integers as decimals (e.g., 2.0/6.0 or log(100.0)), or use float(expression) to force Maxima to display the result as a decimal rounded to the 15th place.

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