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Troubleshooting Problems with ACE Organic

If you are having a content-related problem with ACE -- for example, a response that you are sure is correct is being marked as incorrect -- go ahead and contact your instructor. Your instructor can look at your response and determine whether the error is in ACE's database or in your understanding of the material.

On the other hand, if you are having a technical problem with ACE, usually the problem is not with the system, but on your local computer. So here are some things you should do before contacting your instructor.

  1. The preferred PC browsers to use with ACE are Chrome and Firefox. The preferred Macintosh browser are Chrome and Safari. Other browsers have not been tested. Do not be surprised if they do not work with ACE.

  2. If you are using a public computer, or if you are using your own computer that has not previously been used to access ACE, you need to run the browser tune-up. This tune-up will ensure that your browser is properly configured.

  3. If you get an error message that tells you your session has been idle too long, or if you get another error message, or if ACE misbehaves for you in any other way, log out, empty your cache (the Web pages that the browser stores to increase its speed), quit the browser, and then start over. If you still get an error message, right-click on the error message and choose Reload frame or Refresh frame.

If you still cannot resolve your problem, contact your instructor. Include your operating system and its version number (Windows, MacOS 10.3.9, etc.), your browser and its version number (Chrome 76.0, Safari 12.1.2, etc.), and exactly what happened. If you say, "It won't work," we can't help you. We need to know what you did and how the program responded when you did it.

It is normal for people to experience some technical difficulties when first using a product such as this one. Rest assured, the problems will diminish over time.